About & Pics

I’m a New York actor and writer involved in film, TV, sketch, improv, standup, and voiceover. Currently, I’m a senior writer and performer for the Emmy and WGA Award-nominated Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News on Comedy Central (you can also check out clips on this Late Show YouTube playlist). Other work has appeared on PBS, Amazon, truTV, UCB Comedy, MTV2, BRIC TV, and the AV Club. I co-wrote and starred in Trivia Night, winner of Best Feature at the Omaha Film Festival, and wrote Shut Eye, winner of Best Horror Short at the Montreal Independent Film Festival. I’ve made over 100 sketches with Local Empire, explained the universe to over 18 million subscribers as the voice of TED-Ed, serenaded stoners in 420 The Musical, and studied at the UCB, PIT, Atlantic Acting School, and Linklater Center. I’m originally from San Francisco, and one time the mayor blew hot wax in my face.

Below, said face a bunch:

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