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Full First Season of The Phenomenon Now Available for when the news isn’t scary enough

I’m one of the characters who got Phenomenon’d in The Phenomenon podcast, and you can now get the entire first season here!  They’re at 70,000 downloads and counting, and who doesn’t love counting?  So count yourself… in!

I Directed A Long Take — White Dude Bucket List Complete!

My friend Sarah invited me to direct her fundraising appeal song to put together her next album. Check out the campaign here!

I also star as Man Playing Guitar with Knife Somehow.

New Thing: Shooting Photos

If you’re a performer and need cool promo shots, I got an old Pentax that screws up the edges of the frame in fun, hip ways. Contact me. I charge almost nothing but you have to be ready to goof around.

Indie Pilot “Coyote” Fully Funded

I am part of the cast of Coyote, a new indie web-series pilot that just hit its funding goal on Kickstarter.  It’s a rogue cop take on Don Quixote.

Excited to shoot in March – it’s a great cast and a very fun script, and there will be a lot of donuts on set so it’s nice to know people read my rider.

More info!

The Phenomenon Podcast – scifi serial now available

I’m in the first episode of The Phenomenon, a podcast about a catastrophic extraterrestrial invasion. If you dig science fiction in the radio-play tradition, or just want to fantasize about control of the planet finally being taken away from humanity, check it out at

(the series tagline is also how i live)

Cyrus the Good – Best Pilot @ NYC Web Fest

The awards for the NYC Web Fest were announced last night, and Cyrus the Good took home Best Pilot. I had a lot of fun working on this one, and send congrats to Nickon Hemati and Lily Hayes Kaufman for the win!

Check out all the winners here.

Cyrus the Good @ Brooklyn Web Fest

I’m in an independent pilot headed to the Brooklyn Web Fest!  It’s called Cyrus the Good, and it plays in the longform block on October 7th at the very cool little theater at IFP in Brooklyn. Fingers crossed, and congrats to Nickon Hemati for creating the project.

Here’s me being like, “Whoa-whoa-whoa sorry I asked!”

And here’s me lying to someone like, “Uh hey bud there’s nothing wrong, OK?”

This level takes YEARS to achieve.

Trivia Night – Now on VOD!


It’s up! You can now watch a movie I made on Amazon. Here’s the trailer!

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