New Sketch Comedy ALBUM! Check out SUFFER BUFFER

I made a sketch comedy concept album set in the near future, inside your head! You can download it via the links below, or click the player image below to start playing it right away. It’s a bit under half an hour, made for headphones, and it’s nuts. Enjoy!


Sometime in the near-now of your mind, your CommGlob neural implant has gone haywire, receiving nonstop content from the surrounding surveillance feeds, brand channels, and networked brainscreams of the corporate/human psychoverse. The question is not how will you escape, but rather, how will you pay for the data you must consume? Until you are assigned an answer, all you have is the Suffer Buffer.

Suffer Buffer is a sketch comedy concept album by Addison Anderson, featuring a diverse cast, the hellish future, wacky sound effects, and YOU. Insert your headphones and receive your content, perfect for inter-gig transit or a post-drone decompress.